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FIND, FIND , FIND!!!!!!!!

If you want to know where your friend is in and around a specific network........... what i mean is if you are in your college or university and you wish to know where your friend is with his laptop on the network then just install, {IT SHOWS THE EXACT LOCATION ON A MAP}, IFIND from MIT .............................this still in will be out soon..................check out this for more info

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Beyond silicon: New transistor technology may power next microelectronic devices

This image shows a cross sectional view of the indium gallium arsenide transistor fabricated at MIT. The critical dimension is 60 nanometers, similar to that of state-of-the-art silicon transistors.

Here, the indium gallium arsenide transistor fabricated at MIT is shown from above. Photo courtesy / Jesus del Alamo

MIT engineers have demonstrated a technology that could introduce an important new phase of the microelectronics revolution that has already brought us iPods, laptops and much more.
The work will be presented at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting Dec. 11-13 by Dae-Hyun Kim. Kim is a postdoctoral associate in the laboratory of Jesus del Alamo, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and computer science and member of MIT's Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL).

"Unless we do something very radical pretty soon, the microelectronics revolution that has enriched our lives in so many different ways might come to a screeching halt," said del Alamo.
The problem? Engineers estimate that within the next 10 to 15 years we will reach the limit, in terms of size and performance, of the silicon transistors key to the industry. "Each of us has several billion transistors working on our behalf every day in our phone, laptop, iPod, car, kitchen and more," del Alamo noted.

As a result, del Alamo's lab and others around the world are working on new materials and technologies that may be able to reach beyond the limits of silicon. "We are looking at new semiconductor materials for transistors that will continue to improve in performance, while devices get smaller and smaller," del Alamo said.

One such material del Alamo and his students at the MTL are investigating is a family of semiconductors known as III-V compound semiconductors. Unlike silicon, these are composite materials. A particularly hot prospect is indium gallium arsenide, or InGaAs, a material in which electrons travel many times faster than in silicon. As a result, it should be possible to make very small transistors that can switch and process information very quickly.
Del Alamo's group recently demonstrated this by fabricating InGaAs transistors that can carry 2.5 times more current than state-of-the-art silicon devices. More current is the key to faster operation. In addition, each InGaAs transistor is only 60 nanometers, or billionths of a meter, long. That's similar to the most advanced 65-nanometer silicon technology available in the world today.

"The 60-nanometer InGaAs quantum-well transistor demonstrated by Professor del Alamo's group shows some exciting results at low supply voltage (e.g. 0.5V) and is a very important research milestone," said Robert Chau, senior fellow and director of transistor research and nanotechnology at Intel, a sponsor of the work.
Del Alamo notes, however, that InGaAs transistor technology is still in its infancy. Some of the challenges include manufacturing transistors in large quantities, because InGaAs is more prone to breakage than silicon. But del Alamo expects prototype InGaAs microdevices at the required dimensions to be developed over the next two years and the technology to take off in a decade or so.

"With more work, this semiconductor technology could greatly surpass silicon and allow us to continue the microelectronics revolution for years to come," del Alamo said.
In addition to Intel, this research is sponsored by the Microelectronics Advanced Research Corporation. The MIT transistors were fabricated by pulling together the capabilities of three MIT laboratories: the Microsystems Technology Laboratories, the Scanning-Electron-Beam Lithography Facility and the Nanostructures Laboratory. Del Alamo notes that one reason for the exceptional performance of these transistors is the high quality of the semiconductor material, which was prepared by MBE Technology of Singapore.

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well extreme left is me, center is kunal , and at the extreme right is Varun. We are a team in college involved in technological activities and building new gadgets and all about Artificial Intelligence. contact us at

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check out the secret!!!

How mac was made?
hey people check out his book it starts from the day one of personal computer era...............
This is the story of a guy named Steve Woznaik who started the computer revolution without him we wouldnt have been known what a computer was??????check out his book it is really awesome.

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Hackers Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

Another NASA Hacker Hacked!!
It happened in 2001-02 and its happened again. Then, it was the UK hacker Gary McKinnon. He was later extradited to US.Now its a Romanian man who was indicted Thursday for allegedly breaking into more than 150 U.S. government computers. Victor Faur, 26, lead a "White Hat Team" to hack into the computers as they are said to be the most secure around the world.
"After hacking into and taking control of the government computers, Faur allegedly caused the compromised machines to display screens that flaunted the computer intrusion," the U.S. Attorney's Office said.
Faur is charged with conspiracy and nine counts of computer intrusion. If convicted of all counts, he faces up to 54 years in federal prison, the prosecutors said.
The breached computers were used to collect and process data from spacecraft. Because of the break-ins, systems had to be rebuilt and scientists and engineers had to manually communicate with spacecraft, resulting in $1.36 million in losses for NASA and nearly $100,000 in losses for the Energy Department and the Navy, prosecutors said.Seems like everyone has been busy hacking while I was busy blogging!

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Hackers Quest!!!

these books are really great and written by an ultimate world's top hacker Mr Kevin D Mitnick

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check out this book it rockzzzzzzzzz your brain....................this guy isn't human.

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intelligent aircraft!!! by MIT

check out this link this truely amazing stuff done by MIT

Glass Monitors!!!

Have you ever watched steven spielberg's movie "minority report". In that movie you can watch every video on glass,even computer monitor it was in a movie but now it is is called as chip on glass technology go and search in google if youwant more info on that!!! and apple have developed laptops whose screens are just like glass.....

Orkut God?

if you want to know the creater of orkut just click on this link it is orkuts creater webpage !!


hey guys if you really want to do something great in this world and to be innovative just logon to and register yourself and showcase your talents and unleash your brain's creativity.


visit and read the article ...its about human to computer interface.......its good ....

try this !!!

Right click on your desktop and try to create a new folder named as CON,COM1,COM2,COM3..........

open a newtext document and type "bush hid the facts " and save it and open it again and see for yourself!!!


Solve this " A TEN DIGIT PRIME IN CONSECUTIVE NUMBERS OF e" and type the solution in your Internet browser and watch for yourself. This is really amazing and created by google.
clue : think of "e".

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google analytics!!!!

hey guys
check out this a stuff for guys having websites and want to have a track on number of visitors.... at this point you are thinking that "oh shit what the hell is he saying man its already been there" Well no you are wrong this google analytics gives a complete earth map and it also points to exact location from where, which street a visitor visited your site, an exciting stuff, go ahead its free.

is it microsoft earth??????

Well guys have ever thought that even microsoft would develop same thing like what google did with their google earth package well microsoft is already there on the marathon race check out

microsoft photosynth!!!

A truly amazing software not yet releazed by microsoft but still amazing ...i just saw the video ... do you know what exactly it is ? well microsoft photosynth can convert your 2dimensional photos into 3 dimensional one.....goahead anc check it out for yourself click on this also you can download the video about photosynth in go ahead and search in channel 9.

i will be back with some more cool new techy stuff until then bye

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