Thursday, November 15, 2007

Barcamp Bangalore 5 ----"Winter Edition"

Barcamp Bangalore rocks everyones brain! I was there for BCB3, It was total fun and super cool, I saw a lot of like minded people! Its a total un-conference wherein even you can speak about something interesting! Its not a session where a speaker speaks and rest sleep!!! here you have freedom to interact! share your thoughts, your works,maybe your research too! Whatever you want to us to know! I met quite a lot of startups at BCB3........ and you get free internet/free WIFI! So Get your laptops, boost your energy and blog about BCB5!
Date: 17th&18th November 2007
Venue: IIM-B
Time : around 9:30am

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Its free!

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Aakash Bapna said...

cya there matey, my first BarCamp..