Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Great Indian Education

"I love beautiful objects, I love creating them.......... but NEGATIVE people upset me"
-------Steve Jobs (CEO of APPLE, PIXAR,NEXT)

After PU/12th most people join engg/any course.........Then they have this "SYLLABUS" its... like a perfect circle of protection to every problem in this Universe.
Teachers teach everything inside this syllabus, You can also hear them saying "This question was there in 1998 exam..... very important" So its kinda narrowing your thought and suppressing your ideas............You as a student , slog ......slog..............every lesson, copy everything in your brain .......Its like Pointers in C, It points to your memory fragments, so when a question is asked in the exam ................. the content at the memory fragment is executed
and you write the answer.................... The whole thing is "The magic of ctrl+C and ctrl+V" .........While studying if you get any new ideas you ignore them and narrow your thought towards scoring marks. Well I am not here to just comment on others or other things, I/We are here to Innovate, ..................See think deeply................... Marks Oriented Teaching is not required ,
its hopeless, ..................instead KNOWLEDGE ORIENTED TEACHING is required. Then finally one day you become a engineer, All this so called BIG companies will hire you, You feel , "Oh My God I am the ONE , finally I have done" ............... But there is no difference there too.................Still you are SLAVE , So the BIG companies don't allow you to think and innovate,or to build up something on your own IDEA........... they put you under a project , So you have to work
under this...........and they will pay you in lakhs ............but the company will be getting crores......................... So people, Think think ................ "THINK BIG, ACHIEVE BIG" Dont
narrow your thinking........ Be positive always............

Sir Ken Robinson who is recognized as the World leader of Creativity has spoke about the education system. See this video, its really thought provoking!

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Rohit said...

Nice one dude.
Imagination, creativity are one that separates humans from animals. In school its being taken off from us!!!

Aakash Bapna said...

you need to step up from the traditional systems,, people will comment on you, try there best to stop you.. but at the end when you are successfull, these people won't be seen around you.
Read for knowledge not for marks and see the difference yourselves.

good post bro, keep posting...

Anonymous said...
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Lakshman Srikanth said...

@bhargav - I agree on the last two, lets be more specific, but thinking small errr... I mean why do you want to think small? if you want it to be more specific, See there is Vision and GOAL , Vision is the final thing that you achieve from your dream, Goals are small things or steps to go towards Vision!, So you say Think Small are nothing but small goals that a thinker should follow to achieve BIG(vision) ????

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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phaneendra said...

Awesome man!
I think you missed a point about why people are like this?
i guess its because there is no steve jobs in india. i mean there is no one who has been very successful in that
way in our system. because of this people are scared to go against the system. so no one wants to do it and because of this no one will get inspired to repeat it. its a recurring effect! it keeps going.

oh and good timing man!

Tech Maddy said...


Education is 1 thing which evolves with age..

Indian Education system is just 57 years old when compared to USA (240 years).

So we can expect our children to learn in a much better and interactive way..

My sister (8th std) has MCQ papers and more value based education..

Dude, the education system is evolving.. Give it some more time..

We are unlucky, but definitely not as much as our parents!!!

Vittal said...

While studying if you get any new ideas you ignore them and narrow your thought towards scoring marks.

You hit the nail on the head. This has happened to me many many times. I keep reading our text books and I get some new ideas about the topics that I have just read. But a part of me tells me that if I ponder into those ideas I will be losing precious time (my marks oriented part of the brain). So, I try to block the wonderful ideas that I get. Later, I find that there is no time to implement the ideas I had got during the course of reading.
I get into a dilemma as to which part of the brain I should obey. Finally I end up doing neither properly.
Our creativity is being taken away from us.

raks said...

too good.. very true.. n how long can dis happen..! one fine day thr'l b nothin called knowledge othr dan wats in d books.. studies needs to get more intrstin.. fields othr dan engg/medical should b considered.. thr's scope for every single thing a man can do..

tejaskashyap said...

ya mom...its correct....but still...dont u think each one is bothered abt their futures and they hav to do it to survive???

Anonymous said...

I agree to certain points, meaning that the education system must empower minds to think rather than simply assimilate knowledge which does not have any practical value. I can safely say that I am using less than 5% of wat i learnt during my college days and its more been about learning as I go.
As far as big companies and projects are concerned, your views of big companies are based purely on head count i feel. In such cases, your point is valid that a person is never given the recognition and credit that he/she deserves and very little of 'engineering' as such happens. But there are 'big' companies with limited number of people wherein talent is looked for rather than a mere head to do work.
Its a good article that... good stuff.

arjun said...

Couldn't agree more with u man....

We shall hope our education system evolves to the better....


Uma said...

Every bit of that is SO true! Most of us just study to get past exams...knowledge has definitely taken the back seat....and ur posts r always inspiring!...good one

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devika said...
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devika said...

it wz indeed a good one.

this is a competitive world. everyone dream of becoming the richest person in the world.
ill hav to say tat des formula definitely works in this modern world


y r all ppl workin in the company? cuz they wanna make money, lead a successful life. they want the basic necessities of life. most ppl r least bothered bout their goals b'coz to fulfill these goals, it needs at least some amount of money, which they get by working.

2nd thing is that there is a difference between theoretical learning and practical learning. you always learn more when its practical. these opportunities are given by the companies. so why miss these opportunities which are helpful to achieve our goal?

11:47 PM

Mithun said...

I completely agree with u dude..
its high time that our education system changes...

i mean right from the grass root level ,children should be encouraged to do what they are most interested in ... only then wil that indomitable passion developes within them .. this leads to that never give up attitude and we can then see not only steve jobs but also bill gates , paul allen , steve wozniak, and the list goes on ...

one more thing ...(referring to phaneendra's comment)

i agree with u , that we havent had a steve jobs til now , but hey we sure have ambani, sunil mittal , narayan murthy etc... these guys have come from rags to riches ..

my point here is that ,we shud hv had many more people like this , but the only hurdle here is our education system , which suppressess their ideas and thus suppressing INDIA's talent..

Anonymous said...

well yeah the edu system is starting to change jus give it some time and see it evolve

bio_hazard said...

@ Anon

Evolve; the education system needs INPUT dude; it's living, but not in an organic way, it's up to us to change it

One of the first things that need to be done away with is affiliation.
Each university should have it's own syllabus, so as to foster competition. As we all know; competition drives up standards and when the standard of competition increases, the standard of education increases. We live in a capitalistic world, and let us recognise and HONOUR it at such. Where am I getting at? Salaries. Salaries for teachers need to be hiked, BIG TIME. The profession is really looked down upon, and teaching standards ARE low. The teachers teach only for the examination and the desire to teach is zero. It seems that teaching is a profession of last resort, and as a result, the best teachers do not join the profession, and many times, their knowledge is seriously lacking depth. I know this because I have had the good fortune of studying under some great teachers in school. Let us examine some of the things we can do to improve the situation. As stated earlier, the salaries of the teachers need to be increased. Teachers would need to undergo courses just so that they are eligible for the post of a teacher. Research should be encouraged, and should be as important for the teacher as it is for the student. Give the student a choice to explore his/her streams before choosing them. What is the use of choosing a stream at the beginning of your engineering/whatever and then for a year read about something unrelated to your chosen field and then even IF interested, the student CANNOT pursue those courses. For lack of a better word; that sucks.

Give more freedom to the student. At the time of engineering/whatever, I feel the student is old enough to manage himself/herself and things like attendance seem an unnecessary feature (although this is a more personal grouse I admit). Also; individual applications to colleges should be encouraged; as opposed to a blanket common counselling. Who would apply to X,Y or Z college you ask; well; remember inidividual applications do exist; for institutions like BITS, IIT, VIT, MAHE and the like. Do you see a pattern here?

And for those who say that India is young; I think it's; for want of a better word; LAME. Singapore has a great educational system (now I bet we'll have someone say it's a small place) and we DID have expertise to build on. Part 2 may be on it's way.

Anyhow; this was supposed to be a comment on Lakshman's blog; well; it is. Nice Blog Lakshman.

Nirmal said...

Your article is insightful- but it has to stop there- at a point where it gives you an insight and makes you wonder.

You cannot change the education system as a knowledge based one- you need a standard , a platform to give to a large number of people- whether you are in USA/India/China- a platform cannot be such that the individual is allowed to mould platform around him . What you suggest is that innovation be allowed in education but this is not feasible to achieve because innovation to X is not innovation to Y. You may innovate more than your teacher, but who's to decide ? - you or your teacher? So now you have to set a standard for innovation and a method to test it dont you? However the true meaning of innovation does not bound it to any standards or testing methods.

Moreover, the likelyhood of innovation and brilliance is also a mathematical probablity. Once you set up a platform to train the mass population to innovate and think radically, then once again the definition of 'innovation' and 'radical thinking' will be pushed a bar higher which only a fragment of this population will achieve again.

Lakshman Srikanth said...

@ nirmal - I agree with certain points regarding 'standards', but if you seen innovation , its nothing but IDEAS ,I think thats a standard, why can't student talk about ideas,i mean on the positive side to improve society for better world.

"whether you are in USA/India/China- a platform cannot be such that the individual is allowed to mould platform around him"
I agree with this till college level, but as soon has he/she steps in to Undergraduate courses, he/she should be provided with vivid options/stream of subjects that he /she can opt. which we don't have in india!

"Innovation to X maynot be innovation to Y" .... hmmm.... I dont see reason in encouraging innovation in each individual while he/she is capable of handling it.

Everyone has got ideas the only thing is.... they haven't given a thought towards it or they aren't aware of it, So if innovation or IDEAS are given main importance in education we can have a better world.

Because of this stereotyped thinking of studying whats there on a BOOK, we lack innovators and Ideas to change the society! and as phaneendra says it remains as it is in a loop!

Phaneendra said...

@nirmal-"innovation to X is not innovation to Y"- you are absolutely right. but if u consider todays sytem ,marks to X is not a good enough marks to Y. some people are happy just passing, some want distinction. but it still works out and we do have standards for that. so it might as well work out for innovation system.

Or maybe we might not need standards at all because by putting standards and measuring peoples's innovation based on these standard we would be again assigning marks and points to people who meet standards.this would again lead to the system of marks

charu said...

Its true that after 12th we are not left with too many choices..and in more than 50% of the case its engineering...Everyone is doing engineering and i'm telling you the scenario of mumbai..there is an engineering college in every nook and cranny ..I mean there is no scope of doing something scope of innovation and with the kind of education system we have...The sem exams and stuff there is no room to prove yourself... You just mug up the "so called syllabus" and score and then you get placed at some IT company..And after this stage you just become the part of the crowd..
So if we could have a kind of education system which gives vent to your dreams, your desires probably things could change..
As in we should realise the purpose of our studies and shouldn't study just for the heck of it!!

Shaan said...

I m nt gtng d logic of education systm of India since my childhud...y i shud study somthng tht i'm nt interestd in and i'l nvr look back again on tht aftr exam?..wts d need of thngs whch r nt useful in profesional life?wtevr v studyng in our colege,they r of no use in profesional life...thts y Indians knw evrythng bt nt having specialisation in any :-(

Shaan said...

Evrybdy knws tht wtevr v engineers r studyng is of no use in profesional life. Evn my principle tels d same thng to us