Monday, July 21, 2008

Entrepreneur Blues

Generally people have lot of misunderstanding (myths) about Entrepreneurship, they think it is something really big and most of them aren't even aware of what exactly Entrepreneurship is.This is a troubling issue which hinders the growth of great leaders in any nation :o

On July 20th 2008 I had been to
'Open Coffee Club - Startup Ecosystem' the speaker of the day was Hemanth Haridas(former IIT-ian) who works at Cisco , He and a bunch of enthusiastic guys are making a video about "Entrepreneurs" , he showed us the trial video which showcased CEO's of different startup's in INDIA and asked us to put forth our views and to give some thoughts which will have a greater impact on the viewers. The session was quite interesting and few of the attendees were entrepreneurs who had already started companies.So their experiences were valuable and had a specific focus on how to inspire the viewers. I guess it helped the TEAM.

The video covers all these brilliant people :-)

(1)Mamta, interior designer by profession.
(2) Shashank, CEO of Naabo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
(3) Yusuf Motiwala, TringMe
(4) Pranav Bhasin, Lifeblob
(5) Prateek Dayal and Nithya, Muziboo
(6) Ashish Solanki
(7) Vishwas and sandeep - Jobeehive

(8) Sandhya Ramachandran - Sudhiksha
(9) Priyanka , Hungry Bangalore

Well check out the video and i must say it inspires me a lot! :D

I hope their final video will help budding entrepreneurs to be successful, because there is lot to be learnt from others' mistakes.
For more information about their TEAM and how it all started, check out Entrepreneur Blues.
*image courtesy - Suffolk University


Tech Maddy said...


Nice work buddy. I think youre going in a right direction. entrepreneurship and leadership

charu said...

i never get to attend the OCC.. but you regularly make us aware about the happenings... I like the way you have defined "Entrepreneurship".
Good job.. nice video..
Keep us updated..

Qube said...

Hey nice one. Was not able to attend this meet. Thanks for your overview of things that did happen during the session. It was a nice video.

ani said...

nice, mail me the next time its going to beheld i really want to checkit out.

Lakshman Srikanth said...

@techmaddy - thanks, I think so!

@charu - yeah the video rocks, nice to see your comments on every post, thanks a million :-)

@qube - i guess you will be there for next OCC meet! welcome and thanks for your comments.

@ani - sure , i will mail you the details of the next OCC meet, it will be held every fortnight and you can see the upcoming badge for more such events :-) thank you for the comments :-)

Mrinal said...

if possible pl add
Sandhya Ramachandran of Sudhiksha & Priyanka of - though they are not there in the video but we have their exp too.

Lakshman Srikanth said...

Sure.... that's great , i am just waiting for your final final video :-)

EduOnStudio said...

Really nice blog spot.
We want you to post more about the updates. We will keep u updated

Lakshman Srikanth said...

@ eduonstudio - Sure you can mail me the updates :-) thanks

Rekha Prasad said...

Its sounds really interesting but I could not watch the video properly bcoz of some problem of my comp.

I am waiting for more information in this regard.


Sheri Fresonke Harper said...

Good explanation of entrepreneurship. Its a gamble but its exciting.

Harish said...

Hey dude its really cool maan! Actually i dint have any idea about what was entrepreneurship, but after going through your blog i got an idea as to what exactly it is! Good work bob. Keep it up.

Lakshman Srikanth said...

@ harper - Hi, Thanks for your nice comments :-) Welcome to my blog, You can take a look at my other posts too :)

@Harish - Thanks Dude :-)

Shilpa said...

It is really brilliant!! I too was searching for people who are really interested in entrepreneurship!! But now I have a very beautiful team of them... I would like to introduce them to you.. Let us do that soon if you are interested... Thank you for your beautiful information about the things which EVERY INDIAN NEEDS:):)

Anonymous said...

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