Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MSP Boot Camp

My session at Microsoft Student Partner Meet @ GOA

Oh yeah it was one hell of a joy ride to heaven! First thought !

Dude are you going to GOA for some Tech Event!??? that's disgusting man! People go to GOA for enjoying life, Romancing with Hot Women on the beach side, play beach volley ball.... you know those kind of things.....!

Hmmmm.....Thats exactly what i thought too! But being a Technology Enthusiast what excites me is Technology with Fun and that's what happened in GOA! We had great fun and at the same time learnt a lot , networked with people all around India. Had a great night @ Disco, Parasailing.......!

Parasailing was really awesome, after that i have decided to sky dive! atleast once in my Life.... I tried my hand in all the water sports, Water skoot, Jet Ski, banana ride. Even Danced with an Italian @ Disco! She taught me Salsa! although i just managed to move my feet! :P....

If you want a detailed description umm... like a book on "Trip to GOA" check out Sattvik's post.


Anonymous said...

Very good video. U guys do some good stuff... I work on embedded systems and we dont use WinCE 6.0 in our projs..so its great to see that in action.
Keep up the good work...


udnagaraja@gmail.com said...

You have selected and very good project and achieved remarkably, yet there is much more to reach the real height, you have a great vision and acquired good knowledge on robotics, gave a better presentation and finally you have best backup from Microsoft. The world is going fast in technology. Make use of the available resouorces & backup and achieve your goal within a time frame. All the best.

Sattvik said...

have put up a big article on my blog about the MSP Meet experience. Very happy to be a part of it. Good work done by Lakshman, about Robotics. Good job! Keep up the good work!

nipun said...

all i can say is ..
the background music is awesm .. =D

deepika said...

wow! ur confidence s too good..but ur talk should ve had more clarity..video s good too

charu said...

great to see ur presentation and video..
u guys r lucky to have been given such an opportunity to expose urself to others and share knowledge..
Make good use of it!
and reach ur goals... [:)]

Dhawal Bhanushali said...

So you some how managed to port a magnet in Goa too. ;)

Lakshman Srikanth said...

@ sharath - thanks a lot :-) Use windows Ce 6.0 its more powerful and good! :)

@udnagaraj - yeah will do that! timing is very important, i shall set a deadline for everything! :) thanks

@Sattvik - nice to see your comments :-) will see your post and comment asap!

@Nipun - :D thanks :)

@Deepika - Really?? Thank you so much :-) Will improve next time :)

@Charu - yeah , sure will do that, Thank you :)

@Dhawal - No dude, i managed to code the magnet instead of the i-robot :P i hope you got what i said! :P Thnx :)

Abhishek Suresh said...

Hey Sorry for the delayed comment. :) Your video is AWESOME! lol! I had a great time with you! And thanks for the slides too! I'll be tryin to create one too!

Anil B Pai said...

check out this blog..
anilbpai.blogspot.com for full coverage..