Sunday, March 15, 2009

Classic Chennai

Chennai UG is organizing an event called "Classic Chennai" ( The event is an online one which spans a month from March 15th to April 15th and is mainly aimed at students students to motivate them and let them discover how fun technology is. Through this we also intend to popularize the UG and its activities.

The event is divided into the following categories :

1. Blogging
2. Photography
3. Photosynth
4. Short Film
5. Documentary
6. Poster Design

Intro to Classic Chennai:

CLASSIC CHENNAI is a fiesta of month-long online competitions for students, organized by the combined efforts of the CNUG student Chapter and the Microsoft Student Partner (Chennai) community.

Event Description:

Classic Chennai is a kaleidoscope of creative, inspiring and thought -provoking competitions that are sure to be a huge favorite among Chennai’s student community. The Classic Chennai banner comprises of an exciting set of online events held throughout the month of March, aimed at finding the hidden talent among the youth of the city. What makes Classic Chennai one of a kind is that it doesn’t restrict itself to any particular sphere and hence, personifies the diverse community that Chennai is, as a whole.

Theme of Classic Chennai:

It is impossible, not to forget, unwise to classify or categorize something as vast and varied as the city of Chennai. It equally unfair to try to categorize the vast and varied talent pool that the students in Chennai are blessed with. Categorization imposes restrictions and Classic Chennai aims at breaking this very unwritten rule that competitions should pertain to some theme or the other. The crux of the competition is that there is no particular topic a participant should adhere to, in any of the events. Just make sure your entry revolves around what you think Classic Chennai is, in any aspect, and send us your entries. So what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking caps and start expanding your horizons! Let the spotlight turn on YOU and CHENNAI!


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