Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Super ---- "SIX"

Never ever under estimate a Human Spirit!, It was in 1994 when SIX students Graham Spencer, Joe Kraus, Mark Van Haren, Ryan McIntyre, Ben Lutch and Martin Reinfried all were Computer Science students from Stanford decided to start a company known as "Architext".
They started in a garage!, Well it was internet which was booming at that time, they were one of the successful companies on the internet.

Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer

In July 1994 International Data Group paid them $100,000 to develop an online service. They developed a Internet Portal known as "EXCITE". Soon lots of people used their service and it became a million dollar company. Some of the founders bought cool cellphones, BMW cars a lot of cool gadgets. After tasting success, one of the founders "Graham Spencer" a strict vegetarian and Joe Kraus started "JOTSPOT" a software company that offered enterprise social software (structured wiki). Search Engine Giant Google acquired this company in 2006!.

Watch "NERDS 2.0.1 -- A brief history of the internet", A good film about INTERNET and about how, where, when it was started and the first companies to mark their stamp on the internet ....a lot of cool stuff.

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