Sunday, January 06, 2008

Where exactly is this............ "Innovation"???

I had been to a conference in bangalore last october known as i3-India Is Innovation. A lot of discussions were going on about innovation but onething that striked my mind is 'innovation may be anywhere' Its not only in technology or science! I had wonderful experience on that day,
Ravi Venkatesan - Chairman Microsoft India spoke about education in india and is it supporting innovation? and also about innovation in management and business, he gave example of "dabbawalas" where they have excellent business model and awesome time management! the whole keynote address is here.

Ashok Ganguly Chairman of Firstsource talked about these 3 points
  • Rise of new interest is equal to rise of new qualities which foster the growth of innovation.
  • Innovation is everything to do with an IDEA.
  • Innovation Intensity should increase in INDIA!
I searched on the net found one presentation which describes the management style of dabbawalas. I think this appeals to everyone that anyone anywhere in the world can bringup Innovation.

Feel free to throw your thoughts on this ..... add a comment! :-)


poorni said...

very interesting!!!!!!

CresceNet said...

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arjun said...

Nice thought buddy.....!!!
U r rt abt it....

harish said...

Dats Neat wrk dude,lykd ur eienstasoft bettr...

nipun said...

hey thats cool blog man ..
great work ..
keep it going. .
liked the thoughts on 'innovation '

k said...

Good thot.Everything u told is true, but in product companies if u r in a very experienced position then u have a chance for creativity.But u must definitely put in a lot of effort for that. Best way is to start off ur own stuff without looking back :)