Monday, December 31, 2007

A successful Entrepreneur

As Vinod Khosla says "An entrepreneur is someone who dares to dream the dreams and is foolish enough to try to make those dreams come true.", Entrepreneurship is something really challenging and exciting, trying out new things with new ideas, its just like exploring LIFE to the maximum extent. As we can see Internet as the fast growing media to communicate, a lot of new areas have opened for business and innovation, entrepreneurs who exclusively focus towards WEB are known as 'netrepreneurs', So the next best revolution maybe is on WEB.
I just saw this presentation and would like to share with you , it talks about the six points to be a successful Entrepreneur.

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lakshman.srikanth: i would like to be an entrepreuner!
me: for that you should gain some experience in innovation, i hope you can get it here
6:07 PM lakshman.srikanth: yeah i am already getting that in Microsodt Research
I am a Microsoft Student Partner
me: ok
lakshman.srikanth: its like technology evangelist
6:08 PM me: so you are all set to be an enteprenuer
lakshman.srikanth: yes
6:09 PM me: are your helping you in this endevour
6:10 PM friends helping
lakshman.srikanth: I have formed a team , we have scheduled to work on our idea from jan 10th to feb 10th and we will be releasing our first product in march!
6:11 PM the companies name is EINSTASOFT
we also develop websites and do services
me: why can't you start before 8th jan or after 16th jan
lakshman.srikanth: if you have any clients
who need a website
6:12 PM me: not at present
lakshman.srikanth: we have exams till jan 9th
me: who much you charge for a minimum GB site
lakshman.srikanth: just website with text and images?
6:13 PM me: the sites will be charged according to the size , is it right?
lakshman.srikanth: no
me: then what
6:14 PM lakshman.srikanth: quality and quantity
soze doesnt matter
Well if it is just text and images .its around 2k
with pages
6:15 PM me: but there will be some guide line to your charge.
lakshman.srikanth: then if you need more quality..... with full enhancements , we do it using and ajax
it costs aroung 5k
6:16 PM The software Visual Studio is 30000
me: ok, do you have some sample sites to show to the clients
lakshman.srikanth: we design using that
6:17 PM currently we dont have any samples
me: fine, all the best. Start after 16th jan
how is your studies going on?
lakshman.srikanth: good
6:18 PM me: that's fine.
lakshman.srikanth: did you check out the video on my blog?
me: which video
i have viewed your blog some time back
6:21 PM lakshman.srikanth:
7 minutes
6:28 PM lakshman.srikanth: well open a service a company
6:29 PM its very easy to earn money compared to a product company
I will help in tech stuff
designing websites
designing web applications
me: what about the capital
lakshman.srikanth: there are a lot of emerging new areas in Web services
6:30 PM thats an oppurtunity...........
well we require computers .full fledged....... and then we need people , we got to pay them around 15k per month!
6:31 PM and then we need do services globally
like BPO
what do you say
Its better if you start a services company rather than reopening the old office!
6:32 PM me: sounds very nice, but you should have very good stuff, money to pour in
lakshman.srikanth: yeah ofcourse
thats a problem i guess
6:33 PM me: or if you have any bank backup or you have to give rights to some body who can fund you sufficiently
lakshman.srikanth: i have contact with VC's
Venture Capitalists
6:34 PM me: so, you can go ahead with your team and make a breakthrough
lakshman.srikanth: yes
6:35 PM we will
6:36 PM me: ALL THE BEST
lakshman.srikanth: thnx
lakshman.srikanth: yeah hope so

Uma said...

this is daaaamn interesting n i must say ur VERY inspiring!...soo wats this product ur launching in march?

Lakshman Srikanth said...

@uma : Well I cant give you the exact details about the product but soon we will opening our website, Its related to WEB! Its innovative :)

The details of that will be in very very soon..
Thnx for your comment

Aakash Bapna said...

web 2.0 the next arena for entrepreneurs ,, whos the guy in first post??

Anonymous said...

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deepika said...

all the best!