Saturday, June 21, 2008

Open Coffee Club - Bangalore

Open Coffee Club is a place where you can discuss any topic, talk IDEAS, trouble-shoot a generic problem or just share whatever you know and much more. This was my first OCC meet.There were GEEKS, Entrepreneurs, and of course developers from open social community. This time the agenda was "Open Social and its applications",

  • The discussion was started by Rajesh from CIRCLEUP, he spoke about Facebook developer API, Using FBML, CIRCLEUP has developed a app for facebook check it out. Their app targets upon managing focused groups,events,teams......It also helps in Viral Marketing of a group.
  • Then there was slight turn towards ORKUT apps security issues, i mean developer bugs, there are bugs wherein crackers can know your username and password by phishing, it is also done by Cross-site scripting/ SQL injection.
  • Monetizing the app is one of the ways to make money, but there are some apps wherein they promote their company's website, so if a user adds the app, they target them to their website, IREAD app on ORKUT and TRUTHBOX app on myspace are some of the examples.
  • Prateek co-founder of muziboo talked about future of opensocial apps, according to him there will be no "add this app" link...., just LOG-IN and you have all the apps because of the current speed in developing apps and using it. He pointed out one major drawback i.e Open social isn't stable, every quarter the company releases new version and the developer has to change the code of the app for each version, according to lot of open social developers that's a major issue. He also touched upon statistics and monetizing open social apps and mentioned about SGN , a Social Game Development company which is very popular on social networking websites and they are very good at viral marketing and monetizing ads. Facebook ads is also on example for VM.
  • My friend Akash Bapna developer of "TAG FRIENDS" app on ORKUT said that myspace is highly restrictive and its not as easy as Hi5,ORKUT,FACEBOOK........ to develop applications. He also talked on "Intro to Open Social"........ here are the slides....

As It was a open discussion and my first OCC meet, i didn't know many of the speakers.The discussion continued, they spoke about "coderunner" test-app which runs java script calls to test your app and finally the discussion turned out to be totally hi-tech which went totally over my head!

Thanks a lot to Amarinder Singh, the event organizer and all the participants for sharing such a vast amount of knowledge :-) .
Pictures of OCC-bangalore meet
*For those who attended OCC, If i have missed out some discussion or thoughts please add a comment....


ambatisreedhar said...

Thanks Srikanth for sharing the information as I missed the session.
I think you are the first person to discuss the topics in detail in your blog about OCC.
Thanks for the efforts.

Sreedhar Ambati

Aakash Bapna said...

we really had a nice experience at the OCC meet, more details, links on getting started with opensocial can be found at my blog

Lakshman Srikanth said...

@sreedhar - Thanks, nice to see your comments, :-) Well,
I wasn't the first one to blog about OCC see this

@akash - your app on ORKUT Rocks!thanks :-)

Krishna Bharadwaj said...

Great topic for discussion.. Will make sure i attend OCCs in the future.. Nicely written!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lakshman,

Thanks for Visiting my blog... Nice to know you'd come to BCB6. Lets see if we can meet in BCB7.


Lakshman Srikanth said...

@thecruisemaniac - Sure we shall cathcup @ BCB7... :-)

Anonymous said...

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