Thursday, January 22, 2009

Innovative Ideas

While digging out some old docs in my system, I noticed a document which Phaneendra and I did for our College Tech Club. Its called as "Innovative Ideas"..... We Give you a list of situations/challenges and you need to give us some ideas to solve the issue!... I would love to share this document, here are few questions from that doc. Please reply ... add a comment.
  • The amount of piracy is extensive all over the world. 98% of the software in India is pirated. Companies invest billions of dollars to control piracy. Innovate an idea to control piracy..maybe then, you too can make billions of dollars. :)
  • If you have, by chance visited our college library you might have come across many quotes related to education. It tells how an education system should work, how teachers should inspire and motivate students, how the goal of learning should be knowledge alone etc. Inspite of that our education system still has many loopholes. Please suggest an idea that can revolutionize our education system.
  • You might have heard about Apple(iPhone), Google(search), Yahoo(mail) and many other companies which make amazing products and people buy them at any cost. These products have become a part of life for many human beings. Have you ever wondered why there isn't any successful Indian company for whose products Indian people crave for. What do you think is the drawback in our country which is preventing us from producing such a company? What can be done about it?
  • When you query a search engine in the internet you get a lot of results. These results are links to websites which are accessible to everyone. Have you ever wondered why you don't get results which link to pages present in people's e-mail account. The reason for this is because all the search engines give out results which link to pages present in the surface web, which forms only a part of the complete web. The part which is not accessible to everyone is called Deep Web. Deep Web includes pages which need authorization, pages which are available to specific users and similar kind of pages. Please suggest an idea which would allow everyone to view pages from the DeepWeb.
If you find any grammatical mistakes or a silly question, kindly ignore. Thank you
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Piracy? said...

Whats more cool than getting games for 20 bucks per CD in haridas market?

ABHILASH K.R said...

my dear friend,all pirated sftwr's are created by veteran foreign hackers(crackers),so all ppl includin our ppl(who dnt like to spend money on sftwr's) use it.In US ,when a cmpny finds that its sftwr is pirated ,it immediately takes action ,by indentifying their ip address and punish or fine them.Where as in India,we don't have such actions being we must follow their (US) system and block all warez and such sites which provide pirated sftwr(u could see tis in Dubai).U can notice ,even if Windows is detected as pirated one,ppl use "WGA" sftwr to make it alrite(i too have done it mny times i conclude by sayin"BLOCK THOSE BULLSHIT SITES FIRST"

charu said...

i'm also against piracy
thts y i tell u to watch movies at the theatre..and not frm torrent links even thts piracy na..
btw u've raised some good questions!!

Dhawal Bhanushali said...

Points to be noted.

1)Piracy is evil.
2)We have tons of Indian hackers.
3)In US it is not that easy to track a hacker. UK is far more equipped in security.
4)Steps to prevent piracy are different from steps to avoid privacy !!!!

Anonymous said...

Or better, go open source!

sneha c.j said...

two of ur questions are interlinked. one is the education system and the other bout indian companies.
this is just an observation (with regard to ur question bout scarce indian companies) -

-there are only 8 iits in India but over 3500 engineering colleges.
-it is a psychological thing that says only IIT-ians are geeks.. the others are just below the line.
-most of the indian companies ve been founded by IIT-ians. the others prefer to work under them.

so its just that the educational levels implemented in IIT if adopted, to some extent atleast if not completely, can boost the morale of budding non IIT students, resulting in more successful quality entreprenuers.

Anonymous said...
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Senthil Kumar B said...

Well the Education System in India def. has to be Changed.I still feel the education here is more focussed on the Exams on Marks and Nothing else.
How Good it would be to attain the Degree without writing Exams but merely with the amount of involvement u show towards the Credentials and activities in more practical terms that lead to the Degree.:-) said...

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Bilal said...

Actual reason behind the piracy is the price that we pay for a genuine software. Recently i went to buy one anti-virus software. I was stunned to see the price tag. The antivirus which i had in mind was almost priced 1/3rd of my laptop's price. Had it been less than 1/10th price i would have gone for it.