Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Stay Hungry Stay Foolish"

Recently I had been to Sapna Book house,Jaynagar and I accidentally came upon this amazing book - "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" written by Rashmi Bansal. the book talks about 25 Indian Institute of Management(Ahmedabad) graduates who started their own Companies.
It is divided into three sections...

People who knew entrepreneurship was the Chosen Path. They took the plunge straight after their MBA or after working barely a couple of years. And they persevered until they made it big!

These entrepreneurs did not plan to take this path but when opportunity knocked they seized it. Their stories go on to show that you don’t have to be ‘born with it’, you can develop an entrepreneurial bent of mind at any age.

These individuals are using entrepreneurship to create a social impact. Or as a platform for creative expression.

Entrepreneurs Listed in the book :

  • Deepta Rangarajan, IRIS

Overall the book shares the challenges faced by successful Entrepreneurs in India and how they tackled it and made it to the TOP . It is a good read for budding Entrepreneurs and Start-up Enthusiasts.

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