Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bangalore .Net Student Meet

BDotNETStudent is a User Group supported by Microsoft and is organized "by Students and for the students". It feels really cool to hangout in the Microsoft Campus in Bangalore on weekends. :) Last weekend i.e on 21 september 2008, We (Microsoft Student Partners) talked on four topics

Intro to VS2008
- Anil B Pai from Dr.AIT
Microsoft Student Partner

Controlling I-robot using C#
- Lakshman Srikanth from Einstasoft
Microsoft Student Partner Lead

- Akash Bapna from PESSE
Microsoft Student Partner

Search Engine Architecture
- Samartha from RVCE
Microsoft Student Partner

Find the ppts here

No of people attended : 108
Average Feedback Rating : 8/10


Ashish Sharma said...

Hi bhaiya,
I m also from bangalore. I want to join microsoft. What i hav to do.

I applied for 19th exam ... but how to prepare for it ...??

~Ashish Sharma
Kota, Rajasthan
JSSATE, Bangalore

Ashish Sharma said...

Plz see some work of mine:

Lakshman Srikanth said...

Hi ashish

logon to

All the best :)

I-robot said...

The process for build is interesting.