Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wifi Booster

If you have a wifi router and are not getting sufficient signal to your laptop, then download(print) the pics from this site , so that you can enhance/boost your wifi router signal with just alluminium foil, cardboard, gum and a pair of scissors....
So what are you waiting for??...... start building....

See this video :

The first pic is what I have right now @ home and i am getting full signal . Before that , my laptop use to lose connection with the router repeatedly! Now its working awesome.
You can build this for your Wireless PCI card too(for your PC) so that you can get better signal reception.


lochan94 said...

nice Post Dude !!!
I have fwd'd the link to my friend who has Weak Signal issues.,

Rajeev Lochan

Lakshman Srikanth said...

Thanks a lot :-) yeah it definitely improves the signal strength.

My world said...

shall defintely try and see the results !thnkf 4 the info

Anonymous said...

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