Friday, September 12, 2008

Barcamp Bangalore 7

Hi Everyone,

I will be "live blogging " the event tomorrow , here is my twitter feed , also will update this post with latest discussions and sessions going on! Those of you who are new to barcamp check out my friends post BCB7. Hope to see you @ bcb7.

Embedded Linux : Low cost Embedded Device which is similar to a computer! cost is 10k you can develop applications, watch videos..all you need is that device , monitor and a keyboard! The device is very small! Tts really great and open source community driven ! The OS is linux. It has S-video, USB .......... ! check out . The session is still going on @ L-22,IIM-B.

Hacking Orkut/Gmail passwords :
Parashuram talked about , How Orkut Developers can have access to your gmail passwords , while you use the open social applications like i-read, emote......... see Dy-Verse. I was really amazed to see my own password hacked!!

Barcamp ROCKS!

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