Saturday, June 30, 2007

IPHONE (What/When in INDIA??)

Iphone was launched on June 29th 6:00pm (EDT) in U.S. We heard people waiting inline for that awesome Hi-End technological cellular device the whole night!!. There are two models of Iphone, the 4 gigbyte model which costs $499(approx Rs.24,950) and an 8 gigbyte model $599(approx Rs.29,950) ontop of this you need pay $59(approx Rs.2950) for At&T Service plan. Folks in India have to wait till 2008 to get hands dirty on the new IPHONE.

So the total cost for 4 gigbyte model would be Rs24950+2950= Rs.27,900 and for 8gb model would be Rs.32900 for more detials about the pricing click here . Check out the cool videos updated in apple's official website . To see views/comments on the new iphone by people in U.S click here


IPhone touch screen’s secret sauce: “gesture-interpretation software” by ZDNet's Russell Shaw -- So maybe you have an iPhone in hand, or have one on order. Or maybe you are fascinated with how the heck this device can take a simple tap on a screen and turn it into a phone call or other action. Well, I recommend you read a newly posted article on the website Howstuffworks, which [...]


Sattvik Chakravarthy said...

Great product...

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