Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Make your own movie! (Capture, Edit, burn it onto a dvd)

Video Editing isnt a easy job for an amature, who doesnt know much about the video editing softwares available on the WEB. This sunday I was trying to convert all my mini dv tapes into dvd's , At first I need to find a way to connect it to PC and then stream/capture it on to my hard disk and then get a software for editing the video, then burn it onto a dvd in DVD format i.e(*.vob).

I started of with connecting the sony handycam(hc36e) to my pc through USB, and i started a software given by the manufacturer and i clicked on capture, it started capturing..... I wanted check if it had captured the video correctly or not so i stopped it and played thecaptured video, Ghosh!!! I had a serious problem with audio to video synchronization. The problem was with the speed, mean the usb! so i used a IEEE 1394 fireward card and captured the video using Ulead video studio v8.0 pro, You folks can try out in torrents or rapidshare to download the softwares!, and one more important thing "the video captured will be in DV format(raw video) so you need to have sufficient amount of diskspace(if you are capturing 1 hr video then you need to have approx 15gb hdd space)".

So people dont use usb, use firewire card its really good to convert them onto dvd's. Then I used windows movie maker(updated==latest) and created clips, I created titles and subtitles with animation and saved it as WMV with the same size and fps(frames per second). Well your dvd player recognizes *.vob files not *.wmv files so I used a video converter known as Yash Video converter v3.2 (search in torrents) and converted my *.wmv file to *.vob.

Woah! I played it on my DVD player and its just awesome! No loss of clarity,quality,quantity. It is same as the cassette tape! with animated titles, subtitles and images.... Well you can also use Pinnacle Studio mp20, or MV45(monarch vision) for capturing,editing and creating dvd's!

My sincere advice, please dont use USB! USE firewire card instead, for capturing, it is going help a lot!


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