Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wanna look at celestial bodies! Better aim at them!!!!

If you go out at night and watch the horizon, your mind is veiled with thoughts and mysteries about the stars, galaxies, universe, Well dont supress that thought and get depressed, there is a better way to explore the universe. MEADE Instruments have developed unique product wherein you just have to point the star or any celestial object you want to look at and just shoot!!! yes exactly point and shoot. Just aim the gun shaped handset at the celestial body of your choice and pull the trigger. Using GPS and accelerometers to determine what you are looking at, the mySpy(product name) pulls the information out of a 30,000 object database (upgradeable via SD card). The mySky then delivers video, audio descriptions and "Fun Facts". There is a guided tour mode, pointing you at galaxies and stars of interest.

This is obviously going to be best for kids, but I can see some use in it for regular astronomers, if just for identification.

You can find more information here Meade.

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