Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Look Above there is a lot going on"

We all know that Space Shuttle ATLANTIS came back from space! Hearing this news my mind remembers of Prof Claude Nicollier, ESA Astronaut, He served as mission specialist on four missions:

STS-46 in 1992
STS-61 in 1993
STS-75 in 1996
STS-103 in 1999.

I met him 2 years ago in IISC(Indian Institute of Science) bangalore. That one hour lecture on Space was thrillig experience for me in my life. He has spent 1000 hours in space, he has repaired Hubble space telescope! done a few space walks, He shared a lot of personal experiences with us which was enchanting moments of our lives! I wish i had a handycam or a simple camera at that time!

He was talking about weightlessness and how astronauts tackle it....."We used to drink floating watter bubbles...... and had more fun".

At the end of his talk he told all of us "Look above there is a lot going on". I went to him inperson and asked him about UFO's it may sound like fiction now, but at that time i was totally into UFO's and used to read a lot of science fiction novels! He said " No I havent Seen one" and smiled! i asked his autograph , he asked my name, he didnt understand my accent So he wrote "SRIKANET" instead of SRIKANTH. That was one of the cheering moments of my life!

About Prof Claude Nicollier :


Vittal said...

Wow.That is nice. Next time you go to such seminars please do invite me.What was the reason he had come to Bangalore?Surely not for the 1 hour lecture he gave???

Rakshitha said...

tats great info n u've got lucky.. work on it a lil more.. its very intrstin.. keep postin news on such seminars..

Sattvik Chakravarthy said...

nice to see you have met lotz of gr8 ppl...