Friday, September 22, 2006

google analytics!!!!

hey guys
check out this a stuff for guys having websites and want to have a track on number of visitors.... at this point you are thinking that "oh shit what the hell is he saying man its already been there" Well no you are wrong this google analytics gives a complete earth map and it also points to exact location from where, which street a visitor visited your site, an exciting stuff, go ahead its free.

is it microsoft earth??????

Well guys have ever thought that even microsoft would develop same thing like what google did with their google earth package well microsoft is already there on the marathon race check out

microsoft photosynth!!!

A truly amazing software not yet releazed by microsoft but still amazing ...i just saw the video ... do you know what exactly it is ? well microsoft photosynth can convert your 2dimensional photos into 3 dimensional one.....goahead anc check it out for yourself click on this also you can download the video about photosynth in go ahead and search in channel 9.

i will be back with some more cool new techy stuff until then bye

lakshman Srikanth