Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barcamp B'lore 6 - "summer edition" hotter than your Microprocessor :-)

This is my 4th Bar-camp, but still I love the first bar-camp..... anyways this time the intro to all the sessions or un-conference started in the IIM auditorium, a lot of cool dudes spoke about their respective sessions and the room no.! hmm.... in last barcamp - winter edition , I had attended Ashish's session on "yulop" so this time he was giving a session on LOGO - Design. It was good! you can find the ppt - click here.

Wandering here and there, meeting people, talking about the latest gadgets and state of the art technology, browsing internet, finally saw the noticeboard , there was a talk on Lifeblob by the lifeblob group! Well as they say " lifeblob - Timeline creation of your own life! "hmmm... it sounds like a kewl idea! interesting too! So I registered and found it good! you can also try it out.

Well finally had lunch with my friends, I was waiting for the discussion on "startup pain"! , so i involved in the discussion , The discussion was about how startups sell their idea! and then finally the discussion took a different turn towards VC funding , negotiating with VC's for funding.... It was quite interesting, some dudes spoke about their pain in convincing a VC to get funded, I learn't a lot, It was really amazing!.

Last but not the least, there was a talk on "save nanda road", Well as I live near jaynagar, I have been on nanda road quit a lot! The real truth is , whatever the season be, still nanda road has a pleasant atmosphere and its always cool! Its really awesome to stroll in the morning. Our government has come up with the metro project wherein the metro rail is built on nanda road which intern affects the trees/ It should be removed! The discussion was about how to solve this problem, towards saving nanda road. See the wiki for more info on nandaroad, join the discussion panel and save nandaroad.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Changing the WORLD

While I was browsing internet yesterday, came across a blog about an entrepreneur 'K K Mookhey' who started a company known as NII Consulting when he was studying engg, I listened to his talk on VOA, Its really inspiring and motivating, he has covered main key points in starting a startup from scratch (in INDIA), It answered some of my questions. But still I had some more doubts in "changing the world"! luckily I found this awesome mind blowing video on viddler wherein Guy Kawasaki working as Managing Director at Garage - Technology Ventures , also author of famous book "ART OF START" ..... In this video he has covered all points on how to nurture your IDEAS into REALITY. The speech is so humorous that you don't feel bored at any point! A "MUST WATCH" for budding entrepreneurs/enthusiasts to "change the world" !

Download the video : Art of Start