Monday, October 15, 2007

Hands on IPHONE!!!!

Woah the coolest thing I hav dreamt of is this awesome piece of technology from APPLE i.e Iphone! It really ROCKZZZ!!!! My friend Aakash Bapna bought an Iphone last month, He is using airtel on his IPHONE, check out his blog , He unlocked the Iphone himself. Well I invited him to my place and we did a lot of research on this new cool IPHONE! and also made a amature video!! the cam what i had was hopeless! I have given my old Sony handycam for service so until i get back the cam I want to share my experiences! check out the video ........... I will be uploading the fully professional video within few days! In one of my previous posts i had mentioned that the Iphone will be available in india in march 2008... but folks its already here........ well in bangalore, goto National Market or Burma Bazaar, you can get it for Rs,24k for 4gb and approx Rs32k for 8gb........ enjoy people! Technology kicks ass!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Oh man ........ Why am I sitting infront of my comp.......blogging, listening to rock music, coding, hacking, searching the internet,Why am I not hanging out with my friends?, Why shldnt I have a Girlfriend?!!!......... WHY................ WHY.......... Well even I dont know why???? Well I m sure that,I dont know the answer for this question but one thing is surreal! i.e he/she is a GEEK.

Who is a GEEK? well actually the terminology came from US military, GEEK stands for General Electrical and Engineering Knowledge. These are the people who know everything about technology. These Geeks are Cool dudes whose passion cannot be described in words!!

Have a look at the GEEK's lifestyle!

Speak Naturally

Every Human communicates through a language, The communication may be in different languages but the matter of the fact is ,Every human UNDERSTANDS the language and responds to it! Well What in case of a Computer/Machine?, Will a computer be able to respond accurately to Natural Language spoken by humans????

Natural Language Processing is a subgroup of Artificial Intelligence, It deals with automation and study of Natural Human Languages. While searching on google and I found one interesting link check it out , the future is right here the next best thing on earth will be Natural User Interface with NLP(Natural Language Processing).

Digital Reasoning plays an important role in NLP, Its about choosing the right one out of somany choices! See this video..........

For an insight into what exactly NLP is check out this slide.........