Monday, January 26, 2009

Barcamp Bangalore 8

Woah! BCB 8 is here, on march 7th and 8th! looks like there are a lot of positive changes this time , check out

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I attended bcb 3, bcb 4 but never blogged about it... :( anyway I will be blogging,twittering live for bcb8!

All in all, Barcamp is heaven for Startup Enthusiasts, Geeks, Entrepreneurs and is totally FREE!.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Innovative Ideas

While digging out some old docs in my system, I noticed a document which Phaneendra and I did for our College Tech Club. Its called as "Innovative Ideas"..... We Give you a list of situations/challenges and you need to give us some ideas to solve the issue!... I would love to share this document, here are few questions from that doc. Please reply ... add a comment.
  • The amount of piracy is extensive all over the world. 98% of the software in India is pirated. Companies invest billions of dollars to control piracy. Innovate an idea to control piracy..maybe then, you too can make billions of dollars. :)
  • If you have, by chance visited our college library you might have come across many quotes related to education. It tells how an education system should work, how teachers should inspire and motivate students, how the goal of learning should be knowledge alone etc. Inspite of that our education system still has many loopholes. Please suggest an idea that can revolutionize our education system.
  • You might have heard about Apple(iPhone), Google(search), Yahoo(mail) and many other companies which make amazing products and people buy them at any cost. These products have become a part of life for many human beings. Have you ever wondered why there isn't any successful Indian company for whose products Indian people crave for. What do you think is the drawback in our country which is preventing us from producing such a company? What can be done about it?
  • When you query a search engine in the internet you get a lot of results. These results are links to websites which are accessible to everyone. Have you ever wondered why you don't get results which link to pages present in people's e-mail account. The reason for this is because all the search engines give out results which link to pages present in the surface web, which forms only a part of the complete web. The part which is not accessible to everyone is called Deep Web. Deep Web includes pages which need authorization, pages which are available to specific users and similar kind of pages. Please suggest an idea which would allow everyone to view pages from the DeepWeb.
If you find any grammatical mistakes or a silly question, kindly ignore. Thank you
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Forum Nokia Developer Conference

Sometime in May 2008, had been to Forum Nokia Code Camp @ IIIT-B where I learnt developing basic applications for Nokia S40 based cellphones, You can check out my earlier blogpost here.

I received a mail from Forum Nokia ,which was an invite to Forum Nokia Developer Conference.It was a paid event. Normally I never attend paid events but I got lucky this time! I received one more mail from Kesav - CEO of Numo saying that you have free passes from MOMO. woah! without further delay , i registered for the event! Thanks Kesav and momo!.

The event was really great , had the opportunity to listen to some brilliant people from Nokia R & D, CEO's of successful companies and their mind blowing products. It was absolute fun! They discussed about the Mobile Industry in India, specifically VAS - Value Added Services, apart from VAS they are looking at different marketing strategies , one of their proposed marketing strategy is : " A cellphone user, instead of listening to normal Ringing Tone i.e while you call someone, the service provider(airtel,vodafone....) will play a small AD. This is one of the emerging AD campaigns! ".

The presentations will be soon available here : Check out the website for more details on the speakers and sessions :) .

From Un-conferences

yeah I know that's me :P! click on "Un-conferences" for more pics from event.!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Without me!

I am taking leave from my usual stuff. But before leaving I would love to share the products that I use for my survival....

Phew.... just wondering, What the world would be, without these products in front of my eyes!
I think I'd rather continue what I have always been doing.....! :P

*the list is filtered.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Startup Savvy

In one of the recent OCC meets , I met Hemanth from Cisco who discussed with us about making a new Video-Documentary of Entrepreneurs and Startups from India. I was really interested and thought of contributing some articles to their blog.Blogging about startups was an amazing experience and it increased my startup enthusiasm. Thanks a lot to Hemanth and "Entrepreneur Blues" for giving me this opportunity.

My article

Check out "Entrepreneur Blues/Startup Savvy"

Here is the Movie - "Startup Savvy"

see 'credits' in video 4, my name is listed. :P :D

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Stay Hungry Stay Foolish"

Recently I had been to Sapna Book house,Jaynagar and I accidentally came upon this amazing book - "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" written by Rashmi Bansal. the book talks about 25 Indian Institute of Management(Ahmedabad) graduates who started their own Companies.
It is divided into three sections...

People who knew entrepreneurship was the Chosen Path. They took the plunge straight after their MBA or after working barely a couple of years. And they persevered until they made it big!

These entrepreneurs did not plan to take this path but when opportunity knocked they seized it. Their stories go on to show that you don’t have to be ‘born with it’, you can develop an entrepreneurial bent of mind at any age.

These individuals are using entrepreneurship to create a social impact. Or as a platform for creative expression.

Entrepreneurs Listed in the book :

  • Deepta Rangarajan, IRIS

Overall the book shares the challenges faced by successful Entrepreneurs in India and how they tackled it and made it to the TOP . It is a good read for budding Entrepreneurs and Start-up Enthusiasts.