Monday, December 29, 2008

BugTrack - Hackers are Ready , Why not you?

bootcamp Description

The boot-camp is designed for people who have basic knowledge of programming and have the desire to build up a career in Computer Security. In this boot-camp, details regarding the tools and techniques involved in conducting professional Penetration Testing, Network Security, Web Application Security audits. Participants will realize their responsibilities as a security professional. This camp will open doors to new and exciting career opportunities. Moreover it will give participants an edge over their fellows while applying for employment.

bootcamp BENEFITS

  • Learn and interact directly with the industry people on computer security of the country.
  • Benefit from the invaluable experience of working on securing real assets from real-world threats.
  • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of computer security with personal one-on-one attention from Nishant Das Patnaik.
  • Innovate7 Technologies certifications are well recognized in the security industry.
  • Improve your job prospects and get an edge over your colleagues.
  • PowerPoint Presentation, Live Demos, Interactive Question & Answer sessions and comprehensive reading material.
  • Earn starting salary of up to Rs. 30000 per month in India and up to 70000 USD per annum abroad.
  • Toppers of each batch to be personally interviewed by Nishant Das Patnaik personally and will receive a chance to work with him on security projects.


  • Sound Knowledge in using computers, Networking Basics

  • Knowledge of Web application development (in HTML, Js, ASP, PHP, JSP, Python, Perl etc.) will benefit.

bootcamp Duration & fees

Duration: 10 hours

Fees: Rs. 1449.00/- (including +11.1% VAT)

for more information contact or

Friday, December 19, 2008 2009 is a startup event organised in India which is a must for every Entrepreneur! It provides Entrepreneurs a platform to share their vision and showcase their imaginations and the working model of their product for the whole world to see.
It also helps Startups to grow in strength and number , drawing wisdom from each other.
Make sure that you attend this event on January 23rd at Nimhan's Convention Center,Bangalore .... for more details visit

Friday, November 21, 2008

TOP movies for GEEKS-Entrepreneurs

Movies keep us engaged all the time, some movies inspire/ motivate and some of them just make us Happy! Being a Technology Enthusiast and a budding Entrepreneur, have seen a lot movies which depict technology, entrepreneurship and geekology :P! .... here comes the list...
The first one i.e POSV is about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, How Microsoft and Apple Revolutionized this world?! ... Its definitely worth watching, for a start-up enthusiast.

August is about a startup called Lionshark! and how the CEO tackles all the challenges he comes across... i.e stocks, Venture Capitalists..... EGO! :P again, its a great movie for entrepreneurs!

The Secret of my Success is about a Village boy who dreams of becoming the next CEO of a BIG corporation in Newyork!...

Wargames,Hackers,Diehard, Eagle eye, Tron are real GEEK movies, If you are totally into Technology and just adore technology go ahead and watch it.... :-)

TRON is one really good 1982 movie..
A hacker is literally abducted into the world of a computer and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic security program (source:IMDB,grace)

Holy Saint! How could I forget "Paycheck"!! I have seen this movie thrice... never got bored! Its about a freelancer who ends up getting 'ZERO' money with the Time Machine he just built! and he somehow manages to escape with a huge JackPot in the end... watch it people you will love this one, "Ben Afleck" at his best! Thanks a lot "Rajeev" for reminding me about this movie.

More movie reviews coming up....will update this post asap... :-)

If you have seen movies of similar kind do share it here...and add a comment ! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mozilla - On the Street

Recently we made a short film / like a review about "Mozilla Firefox" on the streets of Bangalore. Take a look at it :

Thanks to Anil(Mozilla Campus Rep.) & Nitin.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I-robot Simulation Experiment

Every software developer needs the right kind of programming tools to develop software based on the requirements. 'Programming tool' is the key for a good software although the skill set of the developer also matters!
Towards Robot Application development, its not just software! a lot of other components come into picture. Software and Hardware interaction, device drivers, passing threads to all the components of the hardware,sensing,coordinating,logic/computation. Each one of these should be managed properly for proper robot movement. Microsoft Robotics Studio comes with a interesting authoring tool called "Visual Programming Language" and a simulation engine "Visual Simulation Environment",

What is Visual Programming Language(VPL)?
" Microsoft Visual Programming Language (VPL) is an application development environment designed on a graphical dataflow-based programming model. Rather than series of imperative commands sequentially executed, a dataflow program is more like a series of workers on an assembly line, who do their assigned task as the materials arrive. As a result VPL is well suited to programming a variety of concurrent or distributed processing scenarios. "

What is Visual Simulation Environment(VSE)?
" The VSE is designed to be used in a variety of advanced scenarios with high demands for fidelity, visualization, and scaling. At the same time, a novice user with little to no coding experience can use simulation; developing interesting applications in a game-like environment. The integration of the AGEIA™ PhysX™Technologies enables leveraging a very strong physics simulation product that is mature and constantly evolving towards features that will be invaluable to robotics. The rendering engine is based on Microsoft XNA Framework. "

So if you don't have the Robot Hardware, not a problem you can run your program in Simulation.

VPL Hands-On-Lab tutorial video:

Feel free to add comments.... :-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Session on I-robot at Dr.A Institute of Technology

<a href="" target="_new" title="Irobot@AIT">Video: Irobot@AIT</a>

Will write more details soon.... :) watch the video add comments :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tech Vista 2008

It's been quite a long time since I wrote something in my blog! As i have been travelling a lot, had sporadic access to the Internet hence couldn't blog for sometime .... Recently had been to an interesting event known as TechVista in Chennai, Four Microsoft Student Partners from Bangalore had registered for the event! The event comprised of a series of interesting sessions from Microsoft Research.

The speakers and sessions at TechVista 2008 included:

Computer Science in the Future Abstract
* Prof. John Hopcroft, IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science at Cornell University. Prof. Hopcroft has also been honored with the A.M. Turing Award.

Program Obfuscation and One-Time Programs Abstract
Prof. Shafi Goldwasser
, RSA Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and of computer science and applied mathematics at Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Prof. Goldwasser has twice won the Gödel Prize, first in 1993, and again in 2001.

Computational Cameras: Redefining the Image Abstract
Prof. Shree Nayar
, T. C. Chang Chaired Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academies, Washington DC in 2008, and received the NTT Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award from the NTT Basic Research Laboratory, Japan, in 1994.

Making an Impact, Microsoft Research Abstract
* Dr. Rick Rashid, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Research. Dr. Rashid was presented with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Emanuel R. Piore Award in 2008. He was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2003 and 2008 respectively.

Weaving the World's Photos Abstract
* Dr. Rick Szeliski, Group Lead, Interactive Visual Media Group, Microsoft Research. He was elected an IEEE fellow in 2004.

Computational Biology and Vice Versa Abstract
* Dr. Vijay Chandru, Chairman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Strand Life Sciences. He is an academic turned entrepreneur. A co-founder of Strand Life Sciences, a leading in silico life sciences company, he currently serves as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of the company. He also co-founded the Association of Biotech led Enterprises (ABLE) and continues to serve as an executive council member. Dr. Chandru is the recipient of several awards and honors.

It was indeed a great event and learnt a lot regarding Research, some innovative ideas on new technology, and met great minds from the Computer Industry and Academia.

Special Thanks to Diwaagar , Microsoft Student Partner from Chennai for making good arrangements for all the Bangalore MSP's , Thanks a million Diwaagar :-) .

Blogs of similar interest:
Scream Arena

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MSP Boot Camp

My session at Microsoft Student Partner Meet @ GOA

Oh yeah it was one hell of a joy ride to heaven! First thought !

Dude are you going to GOA for some Tech Event!??? that's disgusting man! People go to GOA for enjoying life, Romancing with Hot Women on the beach side, play beach volley ball.... you know those kind of things.....!

Hmmmm.....Thats exactly what i thought too! But being a Technology Enthusiast what excites me is Technology with Fun and that's what happened in GOA! We had great fun and at the same time learnt a lot , networked with people all around India. Had a great night @ Disco, Parasailing.......!

Parasailing was really awesome, after that i have decided to sky dive! atleast once in my Life.... I tried my hand in all the water sports, Water skoot, Jet Ski, banana ride. Even Danced with an Italian @ Disco! She taught me Salsa! although i just managed to move my feet! :P....

If you want a detailed description umm... like a book on "Trip to GOA" check out Sattvik's post.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Open Source OS from Microsoft Research

BdotNetStudent User Group organized a Hands-On-Session in the Microsoft building in Bangalore on September 28th 2008. The topic of the session was "Singularity - Open Source OS from MS Research".I have come across a lot of people who are ready to debate when they hear Open Source and Microsoft! They even start comparing linux and windows! Now lets see what "singularity" does being a Open Source Operating System from Microsoft Research.

From wikipedia :
"Singularity is an experimental operating system being built by Microsoft Research since 2003. It is intended as a highly-dependable OS in which the kernel, device drivers, and applications are all written in managed code."

Sattvik Chakravarthy , Microsoft Student Partner from RNSIT was the speaker for the Hands-On-Session, here are his Presentation Slides :

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.
You can also try out the tutorial i.e compile the source and run it on Virtual PC , just see the links below.....

Links :
Sattvik's take on Singularity
Urjit on Singularity
Singularity from MSR

for more details on "singularity" , feel free to contact :

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bangalore .Net Student Meet

BDotNETStudent is a User Group supported by Microsoft and is organized "by Students and for the students". It feels really cool to hangout in the Microsoft Campus in Bangalore on weekends. :) Last weekend i.e on 21 september 2008, We (Microsoft Student Partners) talked on four topics

Intro to VS2008
- Anil B Pai from Dr.AIT
Microsoft Student Partner

Controlling I-robot using C#
- Lakshman Srikanth from Einstasoft
Microsoft Student Partner Lead

- Akash Bapna from PESSE
Microsoft Student Partner

Search Engine Architecture
- Samartha from RVCE
Microsoft Student Partner

Find the ppts here

No of people attended : 108
Average Feedback Rating : 8/10

Monday, September 22, 2008

Driving I-robot using C#

I will be more specific and focussed in this post! no no to all the philosophy and lectures! :D

If you don't have a i-robot, not a problem! You can learn serial port programming using C# in this tutorial, You can implement it for your own device if you know the hardware specifications.

Requirements :
Procedure :
  • Connect your I-robot to the serial port of your comp. and go to device manager click on Ports and know the port number (eg :COM9, COM11....)
  • Open Visual C# Express Edition/Visual Studio , Start>New Project>Windows forms application
  • Drag and drop two buttons from toolbox window, Name them "Sing" and Square".
  • Double Click on sing, write the following event handler code
  • In the code "COM11" , key in your COM#.
SerialPort robotport = new SerialPort("COM11",57600, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One);

robotport.Write(new byte[] {128, 132},0,2);
robotport.Write(new byte[] {140, 0, 4, 62, 12, 66, 12, 69, 12, 74, 36},0,11);
robotport.Write(new byte[] {141,0},0,2);

  • Double Click on Square, key in the following C# event handler code
SerialPort robotport = new SerialPort("COM11", 57600, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One);
robotport.Write(new byte[] { 152, 17, 137, 1, 44, 128, 0, 156, 1, 144, 137, 1, 44, 0, 1, 157, 0, 90, 153 }, 0, 19);
robotport.Write(new byte[] { 153},0,1);
  • Save all and build the solution.
  • Run
  • Click on Sing/square and see how the i-robot responds!
Check out the videos and see how my i-robot responded!



*If your laptop doesn't support Serial Port, Buy a USB to Serial converter!
*If you have any queries please add a comment, I shall reply to your queries asap.

Linux Embedded

Everyone talks about embedded nowadays, and in a country like India where Mobile Service industry has reached nook and corner of the country , its really a Hot Cake! Sharing and Learning is a part of everyone's lives but Open Source has marked its values and redefined the word "sharing". Recently I had been to an amazing event in Bangalore,as I was curious about Linux Embedded and after attending the event I learnt a lot about the Linux Community, Embedded Devices, OMAP specification, how to deploy kernel to your device, how to configure the devices! We worked on a device called as Beagleboard .........About Beagleboard :
  • DVI-D for connecting digital computer monitors
  • Compatibility with a huge collection of USB peripherals including hubs, keyboards, mice, WiFi, Bluetooth, web cameras, and much more
  • MMC+/SD/SDIO interface for memory or wireless connectivity
  • S-Video out for connecting your NTSC or PAL television or wearable visor
  • Stereo audio in and out for a microphone and headphones or speakers
  • Power via typical USB chargers for cell phones from your laptop, from an automobile adapter, from batteries, or even from a solar backpack
*If you want to try it out, just see this wiki.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i-Robot- Endless opportunities

I-robot is a hobbyist robot! which is highly customizable and is generally used to develop path finder robot, maze solver bot, line follower bot ...............Using Microsoft Robotics Studio its lot more fun to develop robot applications for the "i-robot create". Being a Microsoft Student Partner, I had requested 'i-robot create' from Microsoft so that i could start building apps using Microsoft Robotics Studio ,see my previous article on MSRS , i.e on "how to simulate a i-robot create using Visual Programming Language", This time I will show you "how to drive a robot in real time and to sing a song (ofcourse in morse code).... using Microsoft Robotics Studio! hmmm... but as of now my laptop doesn't support Serial Port(gtg and buy a converter)! hence it takes two to three days to post the videos. Have a look at the pics :-)
*Special thanks to Microsoft and Mr. Reza(our team lead) .

Friday, September 12, 2008

Barcamp Bangalore 7

Hi Everyone,

I will be "live blogging " the event tomorrow , here is my twitter feed , also will update this post with latest discussions and sessions going on! Those of you who are new to barcamp check out my friends post BCB7. Hope to see you @ bcb7.

Embedded Linux : Low cost Embedded Device which is similar to a computer! cost is 10k you can develop applications, watch videos..all you need is that device , monitor and a keyboard! The device is very small! Tts really great and open source community driven ! The OS is linux. It has S-video, USB .......... ! check out . The session is still going on @ L-22,IIM-B.

Hacking Orkut/Gmail passwords :
Parashuram talked about , How Orkut Developers can have access to your gmail passwords , while you use the open social applications like i-read, emote......... see Dy-Verse. I was really amazed to see my own password hacked!!

Barcamp ROCKS!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wifi Booster

If you have a wifi router and are not getting sufficient signal to your laptop, then download(print) the pics from this site , so that you can enhance/boost your wifi router signal with just alluminium foil, cardboard, gum and a pair of scissors....
So what are you waiting for??...... start building....

See this video :

The first pic is what I have right now @ home and i am getting full signal . Before that , my laptop use to lose connection with the router repeatedly! Now its working awesome.
You can build this for your Wireless PCI card too(for your PC) so that you can get better signal reception.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Nokia Code Camp

Hi Everyone
Dear readers , Sorry, I was busy with my startup so couldn't blog for a month.....Well I am back now with full zeal and ofcourse passion! Recently had been to Nokia Code Camp by Forum Nokia at
IIIT-B , It was real fun, had free wireless internet, laptop, tea, lunch and yeah a bunch of GEEKS!As the name says "Code Camp", I thought there would be more coding than just talk but it was the opposite! :( . Although provided laptops to everyone, I used my laptop as i am kinda addicted to it, like a Girl Friend :P. So I had everything, and was just waiting for the session to start.
The Session started, again a business guy!(Prakash Sayini) In every event business people talk first and then the real thing, i mean tech happens! hmmm... will have to figure out why???.... phew.....and they gave us a document which had the agenda and all the tutorials,ppts to start developing small appl
ications for Nokia S40 cellphone. So I didnt wait for the session i.e coding session , and started browsing tutorials online.Starte
d using Netbeans 6.0 (mobile edition) , J2ME and then developed 'hello world' application for my cellphone and transfered the application to my cellphone and luckily it worked!woooot :-) If you are interested in developing a hello world app for your cellphone check out these steps ........

*if you dont have a S40 based cellphone ,dont worry there is another way to test your app, just read.....

Open Netbeans - > New Project - > Select mobility -> MIDP

Key in the project name and click next , next and finish!
The default file " will be open , In your workspace change the view->editor->screen
Select "Hello", In the Properties Window key in some text in text field, this will be displayes under the label 'hello'.

Press F11 to build main project and then F6 to run..

Now to open this app on your S40 based Nokia Mobile phone , goto Documents->NetbeansProject->MobileApplication1->dist
Copy MobileApplication1.jar and send it to your cellphone memory through PC Suite or any other application
This above tutorial talks about creating a hello world J2ME application for a mobilephone , but in the Nokia S40 SDK, Start-> Nokia Connectivity Framework-> Run Emulator , You can see a simulated S40 cellphone here , so that you can test the app right here using the SDK if you dont have a S40 cellphone.

After doing all this , it was lunch time and the theory session was still going on about Nokia S40, MIDP, J2ME, Mobile media API...... by Balagopal K S.

Theory ,tutorials , softwares, SDK's :

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Web Search Engine's (otherthan GOOGLE!)

Google has changed the way we surf internet, Everyone needs information and the easy way to access information is GOOGLE.It has dominated the whole search engine market and online advertising. But its the perception which really matters , i mean the emotional connection with their customers is really impressive. Well as I am a startup enthusiast ,I did some research on new emerging search engines already available in the market, and found few of them which I feel, are better than google (although some of them use google api's :-p), I was really amazed :-o......... Take a look and feel free to comment :-)

"Searchme lets you see what you’re searching for. As you start typing, categories appear that relate to your query. Choose a category, and you’ll see pictures of web pages that answer your search. You can review these pages quickly to find just the information you’re looking for, before you click through."

Links :

See their demo video:

This is also an amazing search engine which displays the search results on a map , which shows the connection between different pages for the search keyword.Try it out, it rocks :-)

Links :
*Article on KartOO

Interesting video on Visual Search Engines check it out


"Oskope is a free online service developed by oSkope media gmbh in Zurich and Berlin. A great team of highly talented and skillful people worked on this project." You can search you favourite videos on youtube or a product in amazon in a unique way.... search and have fun :-)

"Viewzi is a new and highly visual way to search that brings all your favorite stuff together in one place. " There are different views where you can view the search results, "Web Screen shot view", Simple Text View, Time line view, 3D photo cloud view...... many more , go ahead and check it out! :-)

"Visualization becomes the center of user experience replacing antiquated listings and Boolean strings" The search results are in form of tag cloud, and has a relation between each tag and the links are displayed when clicked on keyword.

*How quintura works?

"Facesaerch is an image search engine for faces powered by Google. All images (thumbnails) are provided, hosted and managed by Google. Facesaerch RSSflow visualized free available RSS feeds. All images are provided and managed by respective feed owners."

Facesaerch - Search for faces

Monday, July 21, 2008

Entrepreneur Blues

Generally people have lot of misunderstanding (myths) about Entrepreneurship, they think it is something really big and most of them aren't even aware of what exactly Entrepreneurship is.This is a troubling issue which hinders the growth of great leaders in any nation :o

On July 20th 2008 I had been to
'Open Coffee Club - Startup Ecosystem' the speaker of the day was Hemanth Haridas(former IIT-ian) who works at Cisco , He and a bunch of enthusiastic guys are making a video about "Entrepreneurs" , he showed us the trial video which showcased CEO's of different startup's in INDIA and asked us to put forth our views and to give some thoughts which will have a greater impact on the viewers. The session was quite interesting and few of the attendees were entrepreneurs who had already started companies.So their experiences were valuable and had a specific focus on how to inspire the viewers. I guess it helped the TEAM.

The video covers all these brilliant people :-)

(1)Mamta, interior designer by profession.
(2) Shashank, CEO of Naabo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
(3) Yusuf Motiwala, TringMe
(4) Pranav Bhasin, Lifeblob
(5) Prateek Dayal and Nithya, Muziboo
(6) Ashish Solanki
(7) Vishwas and sandeep - Jobeehive

(8) Sandhya Ramachandran - Sudhiksha
(9) Priyanka , Hungry Bangalore

Well check out the video and i must say it inspires me a lot! :D

I hope their final video will help budding entrepreneurs to be successful, because there is lot to be learnt from others' mistakes.
For more information about their TEAM and how it all started, check out Entrepreneur Blues.
*image courtesy - Suffolk University