Thursday, October 21, 2010

EINSTASOFT - The LegalCrystal Story - 2

Before I start talking about the product, I just want to share a few experiences in running a startup!
It's been one hell of an amazing experience running a company, developing a product, Marketing and Selling the product. Before we launched the product and before we even started the company, there were a lot of uncertainties.Today looking at what we have achieved, we are more confident in executing tasks, working with people of great stature and of-course on great ideas. Looking at the future we are more enthusiastic, adventurous to work on Great Ideas with Talented people.

  Today we have customers in Bangalore, Mysore, Chintamani, Kolar, Chickballapur and Judges all over Karnataka i.e in every district. There were few major milestones that we achieved in the first three months after the product launch.
·         Product Launch at High Court of Karnataka
·         Selling it to first few customers.
·         Implementing new ideas and suggestions from our customers.
·         Demo at Karnataka Judicial Academy
·         LegalCrystal used by District/Taluk and High Court Judges of Karnataka.
Product Launch at Karnataka High Court was huge Success! Our first few customers loved the product and W-O-M spread, we received valuable feedback , ideas from our customers and started working on next version of LegalCrystal. 

 Judges were completely impressed looking at our Product, the very next day after the demo they called us saying "Can you come over to our office , we have a list of judges lined up to buy your product". We successfully completed the installation within two days! Our product requires atleast 10GB of Hard Disk space.Soon, Judges from Mysore were impressed, and they called us for a DEMO.

 We reached out to few other courts in and around Bangalore. The response from Taluk and District courts have been okay. Everyone who owned a computer bought LegalCrystal. In these areas there are only few advocates who own a computer, they still use books for their research and to find judgments. Few other advocates are a little hesitant, they just don't want to use a computer and they are very happy with their books.

As they say "Sky is the Limit", In this product the "Things to do" is huge! its never ending! not just in terms of Software Development, even in marketing, sales. We want our software to make advocates’ life easier and hassle free. Even a layman should be able to use LegalCrystal if he has any legal issues. We want every advocate in every nook and corner of INDIA to use LegalCrystal.
 And, that's the mission statement of this great product.