Monday, March 26, 2007

Want to FLY!!! Ask Praveen

Hey people let me introduce you Praveen, This is guy is like Hi-End Thinker.......... Well he is doing research on Hovering Vehicles ....His focus is on HoverCraft!, His research is as follows

"Thread can be floated in air.... i mean levitated in contact with human body, It works on static and magnetic force i.e, when thread is charged ,floats in air. If this principle is implemented, we can fly skate boards or cars(any vehicle) in air."

For more info and details of his research project please contact Praveen here and he is in ORKUT too!! check out his profile here

He is doing Mechanical Engineering!!!


Saturday, March 24, 2007

GOOGLING Microsoft

This is truely amazing,even still i dont understand ...........well what i am speaking about is this check it out for yourself and see the search results can also type google and search!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Google Phone vs IPHONE!!!

So google is climbing up the ladder fast to show their innovation and technology through their new product know as Google Phone which is yet to be released, Google is in talks with orange "about a multi-billion-dollar partnership to create a 'Google phone' which makes it easy to search the web wherever you are". A Google-branded phone could include a browser that uses Google's transcoder to optimize web pages for the phone, easy to access Google search, maps, Gmail, Blogger and maybe more."The device would not be revolutionary: manufactured by HTC, a Taiwanese firm specializing in smart phones and Personal Data Assistants (PDAs), it might have a screen similar to a video iPod."Last month, Eric Schmidt said: "While a Google Phone is just a rumor for the moment, you can't deny it's an interesting idea.


Code Search!

Do you want to look at codes written by public for developing applications....then logon to . An awesome search engine, just if you give the key words it will give you the code that you can implement the code for you project or learn from it. its a nice tool.


Hey people check out this Photosynth awesome software ......which arranges or links your photos taken on a particular place in different angles in to a 3Dimesnional platform so that you can move in 3d space.....its really kewl...goto . Still it hasnt yet released but you can have a preview. So go to that website and click on "try the tech preview" and then a new page gets loaded up. if you have 256kbps bandwidth, it takes 5 min to install and in between it asks you to install activex control... so plz install it. Finally you wil get the application running on your browser and try it out and explore nano corners of creativity!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Port forwarding

Worried about low download speeds in torrent clients....The best thing to improve your download speed is to forward you ports in your modem config. Well type in your browser, it takes you to modem config , in this page you will see your modem model number,connection type and all details of your modem, if you have smaratx mt882 modem, goto virtual server settings type your torrent client name in the name field, and your ip, and you got to type ports which are not in this range i.e 6881 ~ 6889 . protocol type is both(it depends on the client), in the schedule field check on ALWAYS. then click apply....thats it its all done you must be getting higher download speeds.....enjoy!!!.

Based on your modem config these steps may change so visit

Sunday, March 04, 2007

passion and enjoyment!!!

Well this weekend it was full of enjoyment! me and my digital video camera(sony) just rockzzz.........this photo was captured by my dad, here in the photo recording the colourful event!!! Well my handycam has video recording in 640X480 pixels format, 30fps, Video records on TAPE....hey guys this is best one actually if you go for dvd recording you got pay 10k extra, just for the dvd recording ......its kinda foolish................go for this one if you gonna buy one ......already bought this one .....then enjoy!!!...model name/number is hc36e

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wanna try Mac Os X tiger with windows XPor vista(Dual Boot)

Well Actually our PC Hardware doesnt support Mac Os X Tiger. Go to and download everest ultimate software and run it, see your PC config then if it supports SSE2 or SSE3 then you can proceed with this tutorial (SSE3 is best!) or else MAc will not work on mmx or any other processor instruction set "you got have sse2 or sse3 support".

So you have SSE3 support for your microprocessor, goto or any other torrent and download Mac Os X Tiger X86 jas.torrent. Now Rip this on to a DVD, you got to have a lots of hard disk space like 60GB OR 120GB, 120GB is recommended, So now you have the Mac Os X tiger x86 DVD and you have windows xp running on your computer. Now except your c: (i.e where windows xp is installed) delete other partitions using disk manager in win xp admin tools, and then create two fat 32 partition of any size but one partition should have large size this is where MAC is going to be installed, ok then reboot the system, insert the dvd and set CD/DVD as your first boot option in your CMOS settings, DArwin Boot LOader gets loaded from the DVD, press enter , you will get a white screen and a greay APPLE logo then after few min, you will get a option to format your harddisk partition so select as mac os x and then click next and then it will copy all the files and MAC OS X gets installed on your PC ........WOW now you have both windows xp and also MAC OS X .....SO enjoy guys and have fun and explore technology . if you have any questions or comments just put it in the CBOX.